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NEW AIM 4300 Extended Frequency Range

5 kHz to 300 MHz !

The New  AIM 4300  - REPLACES the AIM 4170D -It features: faster plotting, higher frequency range, but with the same accuracy and resolution as the AIM4170D.


May 1, 2015

Array Solutions and Universal Device Control Systems (UDCS) jointly announce Array Solutions has been appointed the exclusive distributor for UDCS Station Automation and Control Systems for the amateur radio market and their commercial, government and military customers.


Jay Terleski, WXØB, owner of Array Solutions said, "This is an important strategic business partner relationship as it allows us to address ever expanding requirements for automation, station control and integrated systems. The synergy of combining and integrating both company product lines and systems provides existing and future customers a single source for basic and sophisticated station automation solutions.”

“Combining UDCS “Switch anything to anything from anywhere” technologies and our extensive product lines now allows us to offer customers local and remote station control capabilities that are expandable from eight to sixty-four ports with bi-directional, cross functional switching capability. We will provide custom configured systems for radio amateurs and highly sophisticated systems for military and commercial clients who both companies have served in the past.” 

Jack Ritter, WØUCE, Vice President of UDCS states, “We are very excited about our new business partner relationship with Array Solutions as it affords the opportunity to expand Array and UDCS capabilities to serve amateur, commercial, military and government customers.  Together our partnership will collaborate and bring forth next generation station automation and control systems.  Array Solutions will also offer and integrate ELAD SDR Radio and Antenna Switching products under our mutual business partner distribution agreement with ELAD.”

“Jay and I have the same vision for the future of station automation and system integration.  A big plus for the UDCS team is we are long-time Array Solutions customers and I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Jay on amateur and military projects. We know the fine reputation Array Solutions enjoys regarding their products and outstanding customer support which has and will continue to be ours as well.” 

For additional information contact Array Solutions at 214-954-7140 or UDCS at 919-632-3052 or visit our Websites at www.arraysolutions.com and www.udcsys.com – Please visit Array Solutions Booths  606-622. in Dayton.




VHF, UHF, and SHF products from SSB Electronics Germany!

Click the SSB logo above to see all currently available products and to download their manuals in English.

Certified Sales and Service Center for OM Power


The OM2000+! Fresh from the succesful FT5ZM DXpedition, the OM2000+ adds 6m coverage to the venerable OM2000 at full legal limit - 160 thru 6m!

This is the amplifier going to VK0 Heard Island

This is an amazing Touch Paddle, get yours today! Also in colors.


Auto Remote Tuners for balanced line and unbalanced antennas feeds


           Remote RF Tuners




 3.5kW Automatic Tuner


CALL US - Full CAT interface with your radio

Below are the HA8DU Manual Tuners

These tuners are heavy duty, and will make a fine combination with any of our amplifiers. Click here for more details.








Announcing the New BandMaster IV Band Decoder

For use with our 8-pak, 4x8-pak, BandPasser and FilterMax systems where you don't need the sourcing and sinking relay outputs, the new BandMaster IV is a compact economic band decoder solution for you!

See the QST Review

The Shared Apex Loop Array

High performance RX Antenna

An 8 direction, highly directional array, but in a small space.  No control cable needed!

The PJ4G SAL-30 system that was used in the recent ARRL DX SSB Contest.  Were you one of the 313 stations that got into the PJ4G log on Top Band through this antenna? 
It worked great!

New FilterMax IV Integrated W3NQN BandPass Filter System

Shown here with our new Integrated Controller for our 4x8 and 2x8 antenna switching systems

W3NQN Filters for 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m. Fully automatic with an Array Solutions Integrated controller, Bandmaster Band Decoder, or Push button manual selection on the front panel.

Order one here: FilterMax 4

New PushButton Controllers for Array Solutions StackMatches!

Instant access to any combination of stacked antennas plus programmable for different transmit and receive array configurations switched by PTT input.
(2.25"  x 4.25" x 5.0" HWD)

Announcing - the NEW Advanced Four Square Array and a new 2 Element Vertical Array System

Run the AIM or VNA Analyzers on your Tablet !  Picture below is AIM running on a Dell Venue 8 Pro running Windows 8.1

Download Bob Clunn's tutorial on using a Windows Tablet with your analyzer here: http://www.w5big.com/aim_tablet.pdf


We have repackaged our popular 8-pak and it is now in production!

 See more here: new 8-pak including new controllers!

Array Solutions represents many other fine manufacturers in our mission to bring our customers the finest products available in their categories. We have created a new page where you can directly access the home pages of these manufacturers. Please feel free to visit them and ask us any questions you may have.

 Array Solutions Library

Written by George, W2VJN, this book covers how to evaluate interference problems and how to solve them. The material is especially of interest for anyone that runs more than one transmitter in his station. Contesters using SO2R, M/S, M/2 or M/M will find valuable information in this book.

Managing Interstation Interference, 2nd Edition

The new book from K1VR, Fred Hopengarten, the definitive reference for amateurs dealing with zoning laws:

Antenna Zoning for Radio Amateurs, 2nd Edition

(K1VR with his new book at Visalia IDXC 2012 - Photo TNX to N6TV)

Sales and Factory Authorized Service


Older, used, or scratch and dent deals


Cure it with our high performance High-Pass Filter to knock out that AM Broadcast CRUD!



Older, used, or scratch and dent deals - check it out.

             What's new at Array Solutions?  

            Announcing the new BASICOMM PREMIUM BALUNS

BASICOMM Ruggedized Metal Housing and Performance set the new Benchmark for Amateur and Commercial Radio Baluns!  Basicomm Rugged High Performance baluns

** REDUCED PRICING on all Rig Expert Antenna Analyzers **

                                   FREE SHIPPING!

Array Solutions is your North America Rig Expert Factory Authorized Warranty Service Center -

Check out our pricing - if you see a better price, we'll beat it !

Check out these Models and buy from our secure cart, or call us!


             FREE SHIPPING!

AA-54   Discounted Prices on all Rig Expert Analyzers                         

As advertised in the new QST:


Legal Limit, Fully Automatic Remote Antenna Tuners!

AT615B for Balanced Feeders (Twin Lead, Open Wire, Ladder Line)
AT615U for unbalanced feed - i.e.; Coax 

 Our first shipment of these finely designed and manufactured tuners from Germany is here!  See more now!

Prosistel Wire Log Periodic Antenna

OptiBeam  - German Engineered Antennas

Check the tremendous variety of 48 diverse models and order your OptiBeam today !!! 

Introducing the smallest & most efficient 2el 80m Yagi in the world, the OB2-80s (boom length 33 feet, element length 58 feet).

Enjoy band coverage from 3.500 - 3.570 and from 3.680 -3.830 with the relay controlled, 4 position OptiBeam 80m multi switch system  (power capability of 10 KW).   

Below is a picture of the largest commercial tribander made.  The OB21-3!!

5 ele 20m, 5 ele 15m, and 11 ele on 10m  - Call or email us for a data sheet


New Products, and more new products!

Introducing the AS-AC15 AC Line filtering for Radio and Audio Applications.

We have been working on several new switches and updates to our Hamation line of band decoders, antenna switches, bandpass filters, push-button StackMatch controllers and other products.

 Larry, K7MI is designing these products for us, and his work is without peer.

New Web Site Work and Shipping Costs

As our long-time customers know, our website was one of the first amateur radio vendor websites on the Internet. It is clearly out-dated from a technology perspective.

Array Solutions is developing a new, leading edge technology website that will be tightly integrated with our preferred shipping vendors (UPS, primarily) so that precise and actual shipping amounts will be reflected when you place your order rather than an estimated and often very inaccurate amount as you get today. We always charge for the actual ship cost.

Q: What has caused the shipping estimate to be such an issue?

A: Well, there are many reasons but the main one is the escalating costs of shipping that seems to increase on a nearly daily basis and the new, creative ways that shipping vendors have developed to charge us more. One component of this is the large variance in fuel costs which comprises nearly 50% of the shipping cost. The other issue that prevents us from offering "flat rate" shipping like huge online vendors like Amazon.com and others is that we are not able to negotiate as those much larger companies do.

Our old (current) web page was based on a fixed amount of cost per lb of product, and this model no longer works as many variances have been added to the way the shipping cost is calculated. There is a "fuel surcharge" that is added to every shipment and this is calculated based on the distance that the package has to be transported and obviously, this will vary for every customer. In addition, there are other factors involved of rural "delivery area surcharges" and commercial destination discounts that our website does not have any ability to factor in. Our new website will handle these situations properly and will tell you precisely what your shipping charge will be at the time you place your order.

In addition to being completely accurate, you will be able to see what other shipping options are and what they cost - second day, overnight, USPS Priority Mail etc. (which is not always less expensive), Express Mail Service and perhaps some others. We have a good rate program with UPS so this will most often present the most economical shipping options to you. This will be true for our international customers also and today, we have no ability whatsoever to estimate shipping costs for international customers. The new website will provide an accurate shipping cost!

See a mock-up of what we expect our new home page to look like here:

New mockup of the Array Solutions home page

If you like the new web page, or have other comments, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience while we improve your web interactions with Array Solutions!

Thank you for joining us at Array Solutions. Array Solutions is your source for high end, high performance RF products. Our objective is to provide best in class products and support them with best in class customer service Array Solutions' products are in use at top DX and Contest stations worldwide as well as commercial and government installations.

We provide RF solutions to the DoD, FEMA, Emcomm, UN, WFO, FAA and the State Dept. for products and installation of antennas systems, antenna selection, filtering, switching and grounding. We also offer RF engineering and PE consulting services. Please review our many products on this website.

The Array Solutions User Group has been started to add additional support services for our customers. You are welcomed to join if you are a customer or considering becoming one. This is just another level of support we wish to provide since many of our customers are very knowledgeable in our products.

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Did you know Array Solutions Baluns are purchased by the US Dept. of Defense?

Click to learn about out Lifetime Warranty Baluns


Military Antenna Systems Available for

bullet Base Stations
bullet Tactical field deployable HF systems
bullet Wide band wire antennas
bullet ALE compatible systems

Call us or e-mail us

To learn more click here>Military Systems

Coaxial and Control Line Lightning Arrestors

RF Components are available from Array Solutions


Station Tour of Array Solutions

 owner Jay Terleski, WX0B.

                                                                 2003 SS low power phone winner

I never thought I'd place first in Sweepstakes, but the WX0B StackMatches have certainly made my single tower, stacked tri-band quads play to their highest potential. Being ale to instantly choose a 75' or 40' antenna height as well as phase them both together, gives me plenty of options for matching my system to contest propagation. The StackMatch can also grow with me if I ever move to a "real" antenna farm because the StackMatch easily handles phasing for 3 antenna arrays. I can't wait!"

                 Bob K5WA   
See more user testimonials 

"You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat. "

- Albert Einstein, explaining radio