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Premium Coaxial  Lightning Arrestors

With Static Bleed Technology and Gas discharge tubes rated for Lightning Events

Model AS-300 Series

bulletModel AS-303U (SO239) and AS-303N (type-N)   1 to 70 MHz
bulletModel AS-302U (SO239) and AS-302N (type N)   1 to 500 MHz



Model AS-300-SB

Arrestor Stacking Bracket to mount on Plates or Ground rods directly

Mounts up to 4 arrestors










These devices are used for protection of Radio Equipment attached to antennas.  They will protect from sand, rain, snow static buildup on antennas and feed lines which can damage sensitive radio equipment. They also will protect against damage from nearby and overhead lightning strikes.  And can mitigate damage to radios or large damage to other equipment from occurring inside buildings, enclosures, and homes.

Based on the design by  Industrial Communications Engineers (ICE) 300 Series coaxial arrestors, these arrestors have been improved in performance, packaging, and mounting hardware. These arrestors are DC blocked and include static and DC discharge capability just like the famous ICE arrestors. They also include rated Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) which can be replaced with simple tools.  Due to the static bleed inductor inside the arrestors not only does it help to keep the tube from firing extending the life of the GDT, but by virtue of bleeding off static that is charging the coaxial cable it eliminates cable discharge noise from the sensitive receiver which can lower the noise level heard.

The enclosures are machined aluminum small blocks which have convenient removable bracket to screw the device to a plate.  We have also developed a mounting bracket system which can be purchased as an accessory to mount directly to ground rods, or plates inside enclosures, or a wall plate located at a coaxial cable entrance.

They Feature:

1.    Easy Installation, due to the flange with holes to allow screwing it to a plate, the #8x32 stainless screw mount included, and the optional AS-300-SB Stacking bracket system

2.    3kW, 5kW, and other values available depending on GDT used

3.    Weather and water tight heavy duty enclosures using Stainless steel hardware

4.    Safety rated and tested GDT

8.    Components are easily replaced



Dimensions  2"x2"x1.5"inches (50.8mm X 50.8mm X38.1mm), connector to connector 3.25" (8.2cm)

Weight .4 lb (.2kg)

1 to 70 MHz 

VSWR under 1.05:1

Unique static bleed protection system (see manual)

Return Loss typically 40dB

50 ohms (can be used in 75 ohm systems)

Insertion loss 0.02 dB or less

Power Ratings 3kW Continuous, 2:1 VSWR  5 kW 1.2:1 VSWR

GDT Devices certified to UL497B and UL1449

 Halogen free

Devices tested per ITU K.12 recommendations

Non radioactive materials

DC spark-over voltage  600 ... 1200 V Depending on GDT installed

10 operations 8/20 μs 5 kA minimum

1 operation 8/20 μs 10 kA minimum

Max. follow current during one voltage half cycle at 50 Hz 200 A

Insulation resistance at 100 Vdc > 10 GΩ

Capacitance at 50 MHz < 1 pF

Operation and storage temperature -40 ... +90 C

Climatic category (IEC 60068-1) 40/ 90/ 21

 Performance Plots

SWR RED Return Loss Blue, R Orange, X Green In the above Plot


Insertion Loss Green,  Phase Purple in the above plot 


AS-302U/N  Arrestor Plot to 500MHz





Installation Manual - download the pdf manual file

Pricing and to purchase