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Array Solutions

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Premium Control Line Surge Suppressors

Array Solutions Model AS-8SP and AS-16SP

8,12 and 16 Wire Surge Suppressors

These new arrestors solve the application problem of installation on tower legs or on an entry plate.

What makes the Array Solutions Surge Suppressors a better product?

1.    Easy to install. Unlike the competition, no fabrication is required on your part.  Bolt it on the tower leg, make the connections to your control cables and go!

2.    Two choices of Suppressors are available depending on your requirements. 8 Wire Suppressors to support typical Amateur Rotator installations. 16 Wire Suppressors when more connections are required.

3.    Outside terminals are all Stainless steel. No zinc screw terminals to rust!

4.    Mounting bracket mounts with two galvanized U-bolts so it will not twist on a tower leg, and makes a very high current attachment point.

5.    Box will bolt directly to most commercially made towers. Box can be directly attached to an existing cable entrance bulkhead or grounding plate by simply removing the tower mounting leg bracket and use the two exposed x 20 bolts

6.    The box is a certified NEMA 4X ( harsh chemical environmental certified box) - will not corrode and has a rubber seal.

7.    Buss bar inside is solid AL and will not corrode, will handle huge currents and is solidly bolted to outside solid AL bracket

8.    Components are easily replaced by customer if necessary.

9.    All components are secured with mechanical and soldered connections to handle large currents.

10.   Each terminal uses componetry selected to handle 6,500 amps of surge   current -and will fire at 65 Volts.

11. Each lead is RF Bypassed to eliminate RF Interference on your control lines which results in more stable operation of your control boxes.


Installation Manual - download the pdf manual file

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